5 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Yoga Space

5 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Yoga Space

We know that practising at home isn't always easy (shout-out to the woman whose partner was playing video games behind her in class the other day), but we are so impressed and grateful for everyone's willingness to quickly adjust and adapt to the new world of online yoga! To support you having the best experience practising at home, we've put together a few recommendations and suggestions to hopefully make your online yoga practice just that little bit more enjoyable.

  • 1. Buy or create some home-made yoga props!
  • A few of our favourites DIY props include: sofa cushions to lift your seat or pad your knees, rolled up pillows or blankets as bolsters, hard cover books as blocks, and belts or thin scarves as yoga straps.

We also sell cork blocks and yoga belts in our online shop if you want to invest in your home practice (and they're even a great option to bring into the studio with you).

  • 2. Create a space for yourself.
  • Whether that's your beside your bed, a section of your living room or even in the garden, carving out a little space that's free from distraction will make all the difference.
  • 3. Turn off notifications.
  • As tempting as it is to keep your phone beside your mat, putting your phone out of arms reach is one of the best ways to be present in your practice. Gift yourself 60 minutes of distraction-free time to tune into your body and breath. Using your work laptop or phone? Don't forget to close any apps or programs running in the background (ex. Outlook, Calendar etc...) so you can enjoy your class in peace.
  • 4. Position your camera for individual adjustments.
  • If you decide to have your camera on, it really helps the teacher to have your camera positioned so they can see the entire width of your mat and as much of your body as possible. Generally a distance of 2 metres works for most devices (yes, we're asking you to socially distance from your camera!). It can also be useful to have your mat positioned so that its at a 45 to 90 degree angle to your camera rather than facing the camera head on. These little changes make it so your teacher can more easily offer you individual instructions and verbal cues. Note: eeping your camera off is always an option too!
  • 5. Get in the right headspace.
  • Here are a few simple ways we shift our energy from work-mode to yoga-ready before class:
  • pour yourself a cup of tea
  • light some incense or a candle
  • set yourself up 5-10 minutes early to give yourself time to settle onto your mat
  • take a few slow, deep breaths and land in your body and in the moment

We hope you find these suggestions helpful! While implementing all of these tips and suggestions may not be possible for everyone, feel free to take what you like and leave the rest. Ready to practise? Book an online yoga class: BOOK NOW