Digital Care Package

This month's care package introduces four pillars of focus that we are really passionate about supporting you in: healing, development, movement and nourishment. You will start to see these themes reflected in our class timetable, in the events and workshops we offer and in the teachers and experts we are working with. We hope you find this content helpful and educational and we look forward to rolling up our sleeves and doing this important work with you.


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Support: Donate, Educate, Share, Sign, March

Support can be shown in numerous ways and we know donations may not be feasible for everyone right now. Some alternative ways to support are: sign petitions, re-share anti-racism resources, buy merchandise, educate others, speak to your work place about diversity. The only thing you shouldn't do, is stop. If you can donate, here is a list of trusted UK BLM Charities and Organisations.



Do the Work: Virtual Book Club

This free* online book club is open to anyone who is reading or has previously read Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad to come together as a community to discuss, share and clarify commitments as to how we can get into action with our anti-racism work. *We are asking everyone who signs up to make a donation to an anti-racism charity or cause - we have listed some options on the event page.



Lorna Mann, Life Coaching

New Class: Virtual Coaching

Have you noticed our new virtual coaching classes on the timetable? Each week these journaling sessions led by life coach, Lorna Mann, will explore different themes and ideas in order to support your personal development. Like any other class, this session is included in your monthly membership or you can use one of your class passes to attend. Join us every Sunday at 11:00am!


Don't Stop Here, Keep Going

Educate: Anti-Racism Resources

We found this extensive compilation of anti-racism resources via Sophia Roe (whom we highly recommend you follow on Instagram), but it was originally created by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein. We encourage you to explore it, use it, and share it with your friends, family and broader network:

Image credit: Anshika Khullar



Solstice Ritual Practice with Zara Miranda

Workshop: Solstice Ritual Practice with Zara Miranda

Join Zara Miranda on Saturday 20 June for an evening workshop combining movement, meditation and ritual practices to welcome the Summer Solstice. This midsummer celebration will be guided by nature’s elements to facilitate spiritual connection and personal growth.


Pay it Forward

Pay It Forward

This is your friendly reminder that we still have plenty of free classes to give away to anyone who wants them! Whether times are tough financially, you want to try something new without risk, you're having a low week and need a pick-me-up or you want to gift a free class to your best friend, just drop us an email and we will arrange a free class credit to be added to your/their account. No questions asked!



Nutritional Coach, Francesca Liparoti

New Class: Virtual Nutritional Coaching

We are so excited to be launching a new weekly nutrition class onto the timetable led by our resident Nutritional Therapist, Francesca Liparoti! Each class will be unique, with the central focus changing every few weeks, and will explore common issues and questions that we all face in regards to food, energy and overall nutrition. This class starts next Wednesday at 10:00am and is included in your monthly membership or can be booked with any of our class passes!


Shiitake Mushroom, Miso and Pearl Barley Soup via The Urban Kitchen

Shiitake Mushroom, Miso and Pearl Barley Soup via The Urban Kitchen

This warm and nutritious soup recipe from The Urban Kitchen is the perfect comforting meal to modulate your immune system and support your gut microbiome. If you don't already, we highly recommend you follow Toral on Instagram! Her activism and education around the health impacts of white privilege on the BAME community is eye-opening and important work.