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New to Yoga?

Read our top 5 beginner's tips for your first time to yoga:

1. Listen to your body.

Your first several classes may be somewhat confusing or challenging, especially as you learn the poses and adjust to connecting your movements with your breath. Know that it will get easier with practice and everyone started out where you are now. Be kind to youself and while it's good to challenge your body, remember that it's not a competition. You are always welcome to take a rest in child's pose or on your back if you need a break. Those specific poses are helpful to calm you as well as allow the rest of the class to continue without distruption.

2. Arrive early.

We recommend arriving to class 10-15 minutes before your first class. This allows you to fill out any initial forms or waivers, pay for your class, get changed and settle on to your mat. Most importantly, it gives you time to connect with the teacher and let them know it's your first class.

3. Turn your phone off and leave it outside of the studio.

Disconnect from the external and connect to yourself. It's a significant choice to turn your phone off and leave it outside of the yoga room. By doing so, you commit to a full an hour of being present and taking time for yourself. It also respects the other students and teacher in the room.

4. Pick a mat in the middle or back of the room.

When you first start pracitising, it can be overwhelming to keep up with a flow and find the proper alignment. By picking a mat in the middle or back, it allows you to see what positions other people are in. This way, if you take a break or fall a little behind, you have a point of reference by looking at those around you. Over time, you won't need to be looking at other people (and will be focusing more on listening to the teacher), but at the beginning this can be helpful!

5. Try several teachers and styles.

Variety is the spice of life, and the same goes for yoga! We believe that there is no one superior style of yoga, but that with the right teacher all styles have something to offer. Many of our classes at Union Station are considered 'Flow', but again this style will differ depending on the teacher. We recommend trying as many classes as you can and feel free to ask us what we'd recommend based on what you're looking for.