Studio Update

To our wonderful community,

Thank you all so much for your patience and your keenness to know what is happening with the reopening of the studio. We now have a long-awaited update for you and we are extremely sorry to say it’s not the news we were wanting to share. This is the hardest email we have had to write and one that we have done absolutely everything within our power to avoid having to do.

Just over six years to the day since we first opened our doors, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to announce that our physical studio will not be reopening. After weeks of hard negotiations with our landlords, we have been left with no alternative but to make the painful decision to relinquish our lease on the studio and give up the space. The sad reality is that for yoga studios operating in London the margins are incredibly tight at the very best of times, but the extremely difficult conditions under which we now face reopening render it an impossibility.

We are devastated to lose this space which has changed all of our lives and allowed us to meet so many truly wonderful people, but are more gutted that we have not been able to pull it through the choppy waters of the pandemic on behalf of those of you for whom we know it meant so much. We are, however, holding on to the fact that the love and connection within this community are far stronger than any four walls and we will all carry that forward with us.

We will continue to run our livestreamed classes, supporting our extraordinary teachers and keeping alive that special online community that you have all created. We will keep investing all of the donations generously made to our crowdfunder into evolving our online offerings - so stay tuned!

Also, we are still running a number of seaside events over the remainder of the year in conjunction with The Gallivant hotel so there will be a few opportunities to practise with some of our teachers in person.

Finally, to each and every one of you who has joined us for a class in the studio any time over the past six years, who would pop in on your way by just to say ‘hello’ over some orange & coconut tea, who joined our wonderful Helping Hands team to assist us with keeping the studio a welcoming place for everyone, who donated to our crowdfunder, who kept paying your membership just to support us, who started your yoga journey in the studio or even went on to train as a teacher there: YOU made that studio all that it was. It may have housed us as a community but this last year has shown us that together we are so much bigger than that space. We are forever grateful for you.

All our love,

Paula and Jen x