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Top 5 Tips for Setting Goals that Stick

Hello, 2018! It's the time of year that we all naturally pause to reflect on the past 365 days and look ahead to what we want to accomplish during our next rotation around the sun. To support this process, we've shared our top 5 tips for setting goals that stick:

  • Write them down! Putting pen to paper and writing out your goals brings them into the physical realm, making them feel more tangible and real!
  • Make it personal and positive. Writing your goals using strong, first person affirmative statements will keep you inspired and motivated. Start words like "I will", "I am", "I practise", etc... Ex. I meditate for 10 minutes every day for the month of January. (Instead of: I will stop checking my phone every 5 minutes.)
  • Include a 'by-when' or date that you will accomplish the goal by. This keeps you accountable and allows you to create a realistic timeline in which you can crush your goal! Ex. I will complete my yoga teacher training by September 2018.
  • Review, reflect and revise. Don't be afraid to edit, change and adjust your goals as the year unfolds. Posting them somewhere visible and where you can see them daily is a great way to reflect on them regularly.
  • Share your goals with your friends and family! No matter how big or small, talking about your goals will 100% accelerate your achievement. You never know who could provide the key piece of advice, the perfect connection or the ideal opportunity.
  • *BONUS TIP*: Set your online passwords to align with your goals. This way your passwords are much easier to remember and you are regularly reinforcing your goals to boot! Ex: Handstands2018

We hope these tips and tricks help set you up for a successful year ahead! And always remember, you are perfect as you are.