An introduction to the nadi and meridian systems of the subtle body to explore the body's inner pulse. Nadi and meridian lines are energy channels that transport prana throughout the complex inner matrix of your body.

In this extended and nourishing two-hour yin yoga workshop, we will explore sensory awareness of the body's yin pulsations including nerve impulses, electrical currents, and sensory rhythms. We will move through a floor-based practice called SATYA (a practice developed by renowned teacher Tias Little known as a yin-tonic that incorporates sliding/gliding movements) that serves as a fascial release practice combined with deep yin poses. The session ends with an extended guided meditation invoking imagery and mystery.

The workshop takes place live over Zoom and then a recording of it will be provided meaning you an return to this practice whenever you need to find some balance. A list of yoga props or alternatives that you will need for practice will be provided in advance.

Open to all levels.

Meet Mandy

Mandy Jhamat

Mandy's classes are slow, mindful and meditative. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for 9 years and she co-founded her first yoga business in 2013, Yogasphere that kicked off the rooftop yoga trend with classes held at the top of the Shard. Mandy has also created a wellness programme of yoga and meditation supported by deep colour immersive technology called Spectrum. It is powered by mycoocoon revolutionary technology with Chromatherapist and Colour Expert Pierre Van Obberghen.

Her teachers and inspirations along the way have been Claire Missingham, Jean Hall and Bridget Kramer-Woods and the Prana Vinyasa School with Shiva Rea. She has studied various forms of meditation with Carlos Pomeda, Sally Kempton, and in particular the Osho Active Meditations in Pune.

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