Lynne accidentally stumbled into a yoga class at her gym a few years ago, and immediately became an addict, going on to train in London, India, Bali and France. Always playful and light-hearted, Lynne’s classes are creatively and intelligently sequenced to explore the body’s full range of motion with grace, ease, intention and curiosity. Underpinned by studies in philosophy and music, her warmth and compassion encourages students to reconnect with the physical, energetic and emotional experience of the body, working to effect transformational shifts at an energetic level: brightening, soothing, replenishing as needed.

She enjoys practising vinyasa, mandala, jivamukti, mindfulness meditation, and yin yoga, and brings aspects of all of these styles to her classes. Particular attention is consistently paid to cultivating a powerful, smooth and calming breath, whilst taking delight in the interplay between invigorating challenge, soft release and blissful relaxation.

Lynne's Schedule