Join our resident life coach and journaling guide, Lorna Mann, for this 40-day journey into the practice of journaling!

With plenty of compelling scientific research to back it up, journaling is an effective act of self-care - and best of all, requires no expensive kit to get started!

It has been shown that it takes 40 consecutive days of practice to gain a new habit or lasting pattern of behaviour, so this programme has been created to help you develop a regular journaling practice for yourself. Every day by 7am you'll receive an email from Lorna with five unique prompts for you to consider and which will give you a focus for the day. Take a quiet moment at any time that works for you and complete these prompts, but try and physically write down your responses with a pen and paper rather than type them on an electronic device, making for a more meditative practice and one which has been shown to have a greater effect on creativity, focus, and memory.

Lorna also hosts a weekly online journaling session every Wednesday at 8:30am which signing up for this course gives you access to. You do not have to join these live sessions but it can be nice to sit for 30 minutes in the presence of others while doing our own journaling!

Meet Lorna

Lorna Mann, Life Coaching

Lorna has just joined the USY team after recently leaving her successful career leading the publicity department for a major film studio for the past 12 years. She is a trained Executive and Personal Development Coach, 6-time marathon runner and a yoga teacher-in-training! Lorna’s coaching model is designed to allow people be curious enough to discover their full potential and authenticity is at the heart of everything you’ll do together.

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