This workshop builds upon an understanding of the hip joint as a 360 degree region with muscles on all sides.

We will move through a vinyasa-based flow that releases tension not just in the familiar outer hip region but also on the front, back, and inner hips. We will also work to build strength throughout the entire hip region to cultivate balance in the body. By the end of the workshop, all participants will have a better understanding of how to cultivate a hip-focused asana practice that moves beyond Pigeon Pose.

Meet Becky

Becky Farbstein

Becky's classes are both physically and intellectually challenging with a focus on building a steady, strong ujjayi breath. She loves it when people breathe deep, try new things, smile, and sweat profusely.

Becky took her first yoga class at a local gym more than ten years ago, shortly after moving from America to England to attend graduate school. In 2008, Becky moved from Cambridge, England to London, where she discovered dynamic Vinyasa and power yoga and quickly became a self-confessed “asana addict". With no background in dance, gymnastics, or martial arts, Becky found the physical demands of these styles of yoga both challenging and rewarding.

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