A wall is a wonderful and helpful prop in our yoga practice but particularly in yin yoga where we want more support so that we sustain the pose for long holds with softness.

This Yin at The Wall workshop explores a complete full-body yin practice with the assistance of the wall as the primary prop. We will learn to use the wall to prop us up, as a point of resistance to move further and a place to relax into.

We will look at variations of classic poses yin poses such as butterfly and dragonfly, poses you will know from regular yoga practice such as viparita karani and reclined pigeon as well fun variations of lunges, hips openers, backbends and shoulder openers. Open to all levels.

Meet Mandy

Mandy Jhamat

Mandy's classes are slow, mindful and meditative. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for 9 years and she co-founded her first yoga business in 2013, Yogasphere that kicked off the rooftop yoga trend with classes held at the top of the Shard. Her teachers and inspirations along the way have been Claire Missingham, Jean Hall and Bridget Kramer-Woods and the Prana Vinyasa School with Shiva Rea. She has studied various forms of meditation with Carlos Pomeda, Sally Kempton, and in particular the Osho Active Meditations in Pune.

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