The Summer Solstice, Midsummer, or Litha represents a fundamental shift in the Power of the Wheel. It can be a time of celebration that is filled with joy, heralding the best part of the year but it is also spiced with the sorrow that is also the winding down of the year.

The Life Force that has been growing since Yule reaches its peak by the Summer Solstice which is when the power begins to ebb and it’s this juxtaposition that give us a choice, we can celebrate or we can mourn.

Whilst our society is in turmoil and doing shadow work on a global scale many of us are asking: how we can effect positive and impactful change? It is fitting to utilise the opportunity Summer Solstice offers, a chance to practice taking command of our thoughts, as it is this practice that is one of the keys to spiritual transition.

With the roadmap to healing being the journey of self observation, exploration and discovery we can tap into the paradoxical elements that are represented within Summer Solstice by honouring the light and dark in equal parts with the acknowledgment that both are of the upmost importance on the path to healing.

There will be ritual practices woven in amongst movement and meditation all guided by nature’s elements and direction to facilitate spiritual connection and growth.

Come with and open mind, open heart and the following items:

  • A candle
  • A cup of water
  • A small amount of olive oil (optional drops of your favourite essential oils)
  • Pen and paper

Meet Zara

Zara Miranda

Zara's classes are light-hearted and alignment-based with a spiritual focus. Her classes are strong and well paced with options offered for beginners and more experienced yogis who are looking to challenge themselves. Zara's sense of humour shines through in her teachings and even though her classes can be light-hearted, she often sets a spiritual tone. With an intentional focus on breath Zara encourages her students to delve deeper into not only the physical, but also the mental practices of yoga.

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